Gorgeous photos of a mother breast feeding her kids

Breast feeding is the best organic bonding between a mother and her child as the essence of life flows from one soul to the other through breast feeding. This page highlights some gorgeous photos of a mother called Chelsea Craig breast feeding her two kids together as they got fussy.

Electricians found two giant snakes in the electricity box

Opening an electric box is always dangerous, but these electricians got a huge shock by discovering two large snakes in an electricity box. Electricians of the Morgan City, North Carolina went for disconnecting power at a house that was scheduled to be demolished. They were taken aback finding two dead

Healthy living helps speedy recovery

Healthy living is nothing but taking care of every part of the body and mind. To live healthy one has to take care of the physical, emotional and spiritual health. We need to do some exercises everyday to keep us fit and trim and must get our bodies check regularly

Amazing art creations using insects

Insects are real scary and annoying with their habit of disturbing us. But they could be of immense help in case we can bond with them rightly. Artists Hubart Dupart from France, Aganetha Dyck from Canada and Steven Kutcher from United States have successfully collaborated with insects for creating amazing

These ugly foods are real delicacy

People love to eat delicious dishes that are present on the table well garnished and decorated. But, if we give a close look to these foods we will see that some of these are so ugly that one may a have second thought for taking those next time. Some of

Walls of the ancient city Avila

Located in the central Spain about one hundred kilometers west of Madrid the city of Avila is protected by walls. Although, built in the 11th century the 2500 meters long city wall is still standing there making Avila the best walled city in Europe. Avila is now a UNESCO world